Formal events like prom, evening gown parties, weddings, red carpet events and the like require elegant hairstyle. Of course, what good is a beautiful dress if the hair-do does not match. No matter how long or straight or wavy or silky your hair is, you cannot just wear it as it is when attending formal events, you need to style it. The most preferred and probably most stand-out style is called the updo. It is a method of arranging hair which aims to have it pointing upward.

Commonly worn by celebrities and models, the updo has gained further popularity in the past, it is even often worn casually by those who have the privilege of spending more time grooming. So if you wish to impress peers by walking out of your apartment with new and elegant hairstyle, you may want to pick the style that best suits you first. Here are some popular types of updo that you can do to have that pop-star look.



Yep, you read that right, a ponytail can be an updo if done right. Add elegance to your usual ponytail by integrating a few additions such as curls, tiny braids, waves, bangs, accessories or a simple higher angle. Though most worn for the purpose of comfort over style, your ponytail shouldn’t be boring, get creative and add life to it.



Its name derived from a French word which means nape, the hairstyle involves looping long hair to an elegant knot just above the nape, hence the name. It may or may not be secured by an accessory to add more to the looks.


Although it sometimes seems more common worn by men nowadays, the bun was first been popularized by ladies in Europe during the 17th It involves tying up hair to form a small and secured knot somewhere between the 80-40 degree angle of the back of the head.

Headscarves and headbands

Now don’t go on thinking headscarves are outdated. If you are on the go yet still want to look fashionable, headscarves are your friend. You can use them to keep voluminous hair stable while looking selfie-ready. Same thing with headbands, use them to make messy and rushed buns look runway-worthy.

French Twist

One of the most difficult yet neat hairstyles on the list. It is done by gathering hair then twisted upwards and secured by an accessory. Trust us, it is not as easy as it sounds, probably the reason why this updo is mostly only seen during actual formal ceremonies.


First popularised in the 60s and now becoming popular once more thanks to pop stars like Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga. The style is done by piling up hair into a conical fashion on top of the head, resembling a beehive.

Faux Hawk

It’s like a mohawk except you don’t really have the sides. You instead use elastics and bobby pins to gather hair at the top centre to resemble hairstyle where it got its name from. This one is more suitable for shorter hair.