Well-styled hair can spell confidence, and also makes the wearer ooze charisma. Therefore, it is an unspoken rule to always care for and style hair. This is not only for women but for men as well. Though not always accurate, hair style can be great indicator of personality, this is due to the fact that preferred hair style reflects how a person carries himself. Spiky hair exhumes an air of rebellion, brushed-up style suggests confidence, while long hair for men is mostly associated with creativity. So when you do pick a hairstyle, pick one that suits your personality.

Now depending on the length and style, fixing hair may not be as easy as it seems. Though men’s hair is not as complicated as that of the ladies, longer hair can take up to half an hour to style especially if you do not know which product to use. Below is a list of products that men can use to achieve and maintain that suave look with their hair.


Wax – Most popular among all products and has since replaces gel in the top stop since the 21st Works best for shorter hair, though it is also applicable to tousled or messy style. Should be applied to dry hair to achieve best results. Gives medium hold and can either be shiny or matte.


Pomade – Popularised in the early 1990s, now pomade is used mostly in barbershops due to their easy to apply and easy to remove nature. Pomade is water based, unlike clay which is dry hence it is sure to come with a shine. Provides moderate to strong hold yet it is rarely used on long hair. Mostly used to achieve brushed-up results.



Gel – Probably the one with the strongest hold among all products, though it is not as hard to remove as wax. Gel provides an incredibly solid hold with a nice smooth shine. More applicable to longer hairstyles. Best applied to damp, towel-dried hair so as to not make your hair feel cemented.


Styling Cream –  Light hold with a little shine, best suited for medium to moderately long hair whose style does not demand many eccentricities. It does not lock hair in place hence adds an aura of resilience to style. Can be partnered with blow drying for better results.


Paste – No time to dry hair? Then perhaps the paste is best for you since it provides medium hold even for wet hair. The paste is preferred for messy and layered style, though it must be applied to dry hair to achieve such results.

Dry Shampoo – Styling does not begin in front of the mirror, it starts in the shower. Dry shampoo can absorb excess oil and prevent that greasy feeling. Dry shampoo also adds a little volume to hair so as to make styling a lot easier.


In today’s look-conscious generation, hair is a crowning glory not only for women but for men as well. Hence, it is essential to take care of hair and use to your advantage. A well-kempt hair boosts confidence and adds points to grooming. Avoid the hazards or priming and mind your hair now.