A tidy appearance and good hygiene are not just for the vain. With tight competition in every career opportunity, looks can give you an edge so it is understandable why people invest time and money in grooming, especially in hair. For this reason, hair stylists and barbers are more than happy to lend their talents to assure their clients would leave their shops looking their best.

It is now worth mentioning that barbers and salon owners have a great duty to their clients. Not only must they ensure clients get the most out of their money, they must also assure safety and hygiene in their respective shops. After all, what good is a nice haircut if customers are repulsed by the condition of one’s shop?

The following are a few tips for barbershop and salon owners for to keep the cleanliness and safety of their salons in a tip, top condition.


Get rid of rust – rust is not a good material to work with, it spoils anything it touches and there is the risk of infection of a number of bacteria. To begin with, try to secure rust-free tools for your shop, and when rust does make an appearance cure it. Scrub them off and repaint the affected area. When your tools get rusty, replace them, a clean set of equipment is a good investment to gain customer trust.

Barbicide Disinfecting Jar


Store the blades – Scissors, razors, clippers and the likes are essential for this business. You can start a hairstyling salon without the leather barber’s chair or the heavy duty hair dryer but not without the blades. Be wary though, we need not remind you that blades are dangerous and can cause accidents when mishandled. Always store blades in safe places when not in use, and when you need to bring them out, handle with care and clean them after use.


Check for expiration – Fluids, pastes and creams always have an expiration date. When used past the expiration date, they either have reduced potency or can cause irritation to users, or worse they can do both. Always keep your fluids, pastes and creams in check to avoid any unwanted commotion.

Mind the wires – Blow dryers, lights, hair dryers, water heaters, electric razors, air conditioner, television and/or radio; these are some of the common electronic devices that one can find in a barbershop or hair salon. If unkempt, these wires can cause someone to trip or can deteriorate and expose the interiors which could lead to disaster. Make sure all cables are fixed and in check.

Floor and windows – More of a beauty hazard over a health one, but still very important. Can you just imagine what customers and even passers-by would think if you see your floor flooding with hair and your windows with thickening dust? If you were the customer, would you be comfortable walking into barbershop or hair salon that’s grubby? Guess not, clean up before you lose customers.