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Updo Your Hair and Wear It Like a Celebrity

Formal events like prom, evening gown parties, weddings, red carpet events and the like require elegant hairstyle. Of course, what good is a beautiful dress if the hair-do does not match. No matter how long or straight or wavy or silky your hair is, you cannot just wear it as it is when attending formal events, you need to style it. The most preferred and probably most stand-out style is called the updo. It is a method of arranging hair which aims to have it pointing upward.

Commonly worn by celebrities and models, the updo has gained further popularity in the past, it is even often worn casually by those who have the privilege of spending more time grooming. So if you wish to impress peers by walking out of your apartment with new and elegant hairstyle, you may want to pick the style that best suits you first. Here are some popular types of updo that you can do to have that pop-star look.



Yep, you read that right, a ponytail can be an updo if done right. Add elegance to your usual ponytail by integrating a few additions such as curls, tiny braids, waves, bangs, accessories or a simple higher angle. Though most worn for the purpose of comfort over style, your ponytail shouldn’t be boring, get creative and add life to it.



Its name derived from a French word which means nape, the hairstyle involves looping long hair to an elegant knot just above the nape, hence the name. It may or may not be secured by an accessory to add more to the looks.


Although it sometimes seems more common worn by men nowadays, the bun was first been popularized by ladies in Europe during the 17th It involves tying up hair to form a small and secured knot somewhere between the 80-40 degree angle of the back of the head.

Headscarves and headbands

Now don’t go on thinking headscarves are outdated. If you are on the go yet still want to look fashionable, headscarves are your friend. You can use them to keep voluminous hair stable while looking selfie-ready. Same thing with headbands, use them to make messy and rushed buns look runway-worthy.

French Twist

One of the most difficult yet neat hairstyles on the list. It is done by gathering hair then twisted upwards and secured by an accessory. Trust us, it is not as easy as it sounds, probably the reason why this updo is mostly only seen during actual formal ceremonies.


First popularised in the 60s and now becoming popular once more thanks to pop stars like Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga. The style is done by piling up hair into a conical fashion on top of the head, resembling a beehive.

Faux Hawk

It’s like a mohawk except you don’t really have the sides. You instead use elastics and bobby pins to gather hair at the top centre to resemble hairstyle where it got its name from. This one is more suitable for shorter hair.


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Styling Like a Boss: Best Hair Products for Men

Well-styled hair can spell confidence, and also makes the wearer ooze charisma. Therefore, it is an unspoken rule to always care for and style hair. This is not only for women but for men as well. Though not always accurate, hair style can be great indicator of personality, this is due to the fact that preferred hair style reflects how a person carries himself. Spiky hair exhumes an air of rebellion, brushed-up style suggests confidence, while long hair for men is mostly associated with creativity. So when you do pick a hairstyle, pick one that suits your personality.

Now depending on the length and style, fixing hair may not be as easy as it seems. Though men’s hair is not as complicated as that of the ladies, longer hair can take up to half an hour to style especially if you do not know which product to use. Below is a list of products that men can use to achieve and maintain that suave look with their hair.


Wax – Most popular among all products and has since replaces gel in the top stop since the 21st Works best for shorter hair, though it is also applicable to tousled or messy style. Should be applied to dry hair to achieve best results. Gives medium hold and can either be shiny or matte.


Pomade – Popularised in the early 1990s, now pomade is used mostly in barbershops due to their easy to apply and easy to remove nature. Pomade is water based, unlike clay which is dry hence it is sure to come with a shine. Provides moderate to strong hold yet it is rarely used on long hair. Mostly used to achieve brushed-up results.



Gel – Probably the one with the strongest hold among all products, though it is not as hard to remove as wax. Gel provides an incredibly solid hold with a nice smooth shine. More applicable to longer hairstyles. Best applied to damp, towel-dried hair so as to not make your hair feel cemented.


Styling Cream –  Light hold with a little shine, best suited for medium to moderately long hair whose style does not demand many eccentricities. It does not lock hair in place hence adds an aura of resilience to style. Can be partnered with blow drying for better results.


Paste – No time to dry hair? Then perhaps the paste is best for you since it provides medium hold even for wet hair. The paste is preferred for messy and layered style, though it must be applied to dry hair to achieve such results.

Dry Shampoo – Styling does not begin in front of the mirror, it starts in the shower. Dry shampoo can absorb excess oil and prevent that greasy feeling. Dry shampoo also adds a little volume to hair so as to make styling a lot easier.


In today’s look-conscious generation, hair is a crowning glory not only for women but for men as well. Hence, it is essential to take care of hair and use to your advantage. A well-kempt hair boosts confidence and adds points to grooming. Avoid the hazards or priming and mind your hair now.

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Health and Hygiene While Caring for Hair

A tidy appearance and good hygiene are not just for the vain. With tight competition in every career opportunity, looks can give you an edge so it is understandable why people invest time and money in grooming, especially in hair. For this reason, hair stylists and barbers are more than happy to lend their talents to assure their clients would leave their shops looking their best.

It is now worth mentioning that barbers and salon owners have a great duty to their clients. Not only must they ensure clients get the most out of their money, they must also assure safety and hygiene in their respective shops. After all, what good is a nice haircut if customers are repulsed by the condition of one’s shop?

The following are a few tips for barbershop and salon owners for to keep the cleanliness and safety of their salons in a tip, top condition.


Get rid of rust – rust is not a good material to work with, it spoils anything it touches and there is the risk of infection of a number of bacteria. To begin with, try to secure rust-free tools for your shop, and when rust does make an appearance cure it. Scrub them off and repaint the affected area. When your tools get rusty, replace them, a clean set of equipment is a good investment to gain customer trust.

Barbicide Disinfecting Jar


Store the blades – Scissors, razors, clippers and the likes are essential for this business. You can start a hairstyling salon without the leather barber’s chair or the heavy duty hair dryer but not without the blades. Be wary though, we need not remind you that blades are dangerous and can cause accidents when mishandled. Always store blades in safe places when not in use, and when you need to bring them out, handle with care and clean them after use.


Check for expiration – Fluids, pastes and creams always have an expiration date. When used past the expiration date, they either have reduced potency or can cause irritation to users, or worse they can do both. Always keep your fluids, pastes and creams in check to avoid any unwanted commotion.

Mind the wires – Blow dryers, lights, hair dryers, water heaters, electric razors, air conditioner, television and/or radio; these are some of the common electronic devices that one can find in a barbershop or hair salon. If unkempt, these wires can cause someone to trip or can deteriorate and expose the interiors which could lead to disaster. Make sure all cables are fixed and in check.

Floor and windows – More of a beauty hazard over a health one, but still very important. Can you just imagine what customers and even passers-by would think if you see your floor flooding with hair and your windows with thickening dust? If you were the customer, would you be comfortable walking into barbershop or hair salon that’s grubby? Guess not, clean up before you lose customers.

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Blow-drying at Home: What Can You Do?

True, hair is not meant to absorb too much heat. Regularly subjecting hair to it can cause damage to both the hair and the scalp. Though more complicated methods like flat ironing and curl ironing aren’t something that you necessarily do every day, blow-drying is often a consistent habit. Aside from the fact that it speeds up drying, blow dried hair is more docile and can be easier to style. It is worth noting that due to its advantages, more and more people actually consider it an option. Now if it cannot be avoided, and blow-drying is a must, be sure to remember these points to as to minimise damage to your hair.


Don’t do it every day – Let your hair take a break from blow-drying every now and again. Consider doing it only once a week when it is really needed and don’t become dependent on it.

Do it the right way – Grab a brush and use it to trace areas of your hair from root to tip. As you run the brush down through your hair, point the dryer nozzle directly above it hitting your hair in the process. Doing this will not only dry your hair faster, it will also straighten or style your hair when it does. Choose a good brush though, since it could affect your styling. While cylindrical brushes like the Ceramic hot brush adds more control, vented ones like the Cricket static free can dry hair faster since the blower’s air can pass through the vents. You can get both at Total Beauty Supplies. 











Use a good blower – Now, once you realise that you must only do it sparingly and have chosen a good brush to partner with your blower, it’s time to choose your blower. While it is true that they can all dry hair, some have added features that you may find interesting. Take for example; the ETI 3.2 is a lighter and quite design, yet it has different levels of heat which suit different hairstyles and length. ETI Turbo Dryer 2000 with smoother yet stronger airflow that provides 30% more drying power than other dryers.



Finish with a blast of cold air – This will help retain shine and controllability of hair. It also provides a sense of comfort for the scalp. So when picking out a hair dryer, pick one that has the cold air feature.

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Quick Fix for Damaged Hair

In today’s body-conscious world, hair says a lot about not only women but men as well. Hair can either make or break one’s personal grooming. Beautiful well-kept hair can up your style sense while unkempt hair can ruin your overall appearance. With all of the hair care treatments available, it is not uncommon for someone to have damaged hair. Those jagged strands and split ends can really be annoying if not downright damaging to one’s esteem. Hence, it is apparent to care and repair damaged hair. Here are a few tips to remember in caring for damaged hair:


  1. Give your hair a break – At least once a week avoid applying any products or using direct heat onto it. Just like you need a vacation and a break from work every once in a while, your hair could use some rest and time to breathe.
  2. Use good shampoo – As tedious as it may sound, you may need to scrutinise what goes into that shampoo. Protein can add strength to hair so do check out protein rinse products. The herbal complex shampoo is less harmful to hair with its natural properties, and partner is with herbal complex conditioner for better results. 


  3. Straighten and smoothen – Keratin is not only good for those who want long straight hair, it has properties that can strengthen and smoothen hair as it grows. Protect and nurture your crowning glory with this wonder product.


  4. Use oil – With so many different oils that expert claim to help heal hair, it is easy to get lost. Among all these, Argan oil is proven to have to most benefits. Aside from strengthening scalp and eliminating dandruff, Argan oil can repair split ends add an extra layer of protection against blow drying and ironing. Argan oil is easy to come by at Total Beauty Solutions.Amir Argan Oil


  5. BeeswaxIf you indeed need to use styling products, choose one that contains beeswax. Not only is beeswax and effective styling agent, it also smoothens and moisturises hair. Beeswax also has properties that prevent moisture from escaping hence, preventing hair drying. Styling products with beeswax are easy to come by here.
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Choosing the Right Brush for a Right Hair Style Finish

Hair is among the first features that people notice, and why not? Hair is situated on top of your head which is mostly within other people’s line of sight. When caring for and styling hair, brushes and combs are essential. Now if you think brushes and combs of varying styles serve the same purpose, you better think again. Here is a guide to what brush or comb to use depending on the intended result:



Round Brush – Want to give rolls and curls to your hair but you prefer to avoid the heat? Round brush adds volume and curls to your bunch. Since it applies no heat, it does not hurt your hair the way curling iron does.

Teasing Brush – Speaking of volume, those who want to add volume but not really in to curls can opt to tease. And for those who indeed prefer to tease, they can choose the teasing brush. Creates tiny knots to make hair appear thicker.

Natural Bristle Brush – Softer than its synthetic alternative, this brush does a smoother slide and is simply easiest to use among all types of brushes. Its bristles are made of boar bristles which can carry hair oil.

Synthetic Bristle Brush  – Perfect for thick hair, stiffer bristles are perfect for detangling, the larger face has a stronger grip and plastic strands generates less static

Mixed Bristle Brush – Combination of natural or boar bristle and synthetic. This is type of brush is versatile, provides both shine and detangling powers. A personal favorite for many stylists.

Paddle Brush – Used to flatten out voluminous hair, this type of brush can also provide a shiny finish.

Vented Brush – There are brushes designed for aesthetics, and there are those designed for practicality. The vents on vented brush allows air from fan or heat from blower to run through. Perfect for on the go days, it does not provide much control though.

Wet Brush – Eliminates the tug that combing does to hair. With its strong bristles, this brush feels like smoothly brushing wet hair.

Rattail Comb – Mostly used by stylists, this type of comb grants nigh-total control for a more dramatic finish. Its narrow teeth can be used to hold hair, perfect for the styling savvy.

Wide-Tooth Comb – Sometimes, we do comb in shower to make hair straight and docile. However, brushing on a wet hair can damage it, wide tooth comb is milder on hair and avoids damaging it.




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Types of Brushes and What to Use Them For

Huge part of grooming is how you handle your hair. No matter how good you look, un-kept hair can ruin your style. And speaking of keeping your hair, there is one essential item for doing so; the brush or the comb. Brushes may come in a variety of style and sizes, and while some may think they all serve the same purpose, different styles actually have different specialties. Here is a guide to what brush or comb you should use for specific situations.


ROUND BRUSHGives hair more lift for a more wavy style, round brushes are more suited for layered hair.


TEASING BRUSHOnce upon a time, this brush was only used by stylists, now everyone uses it. As the name implies, this brush is for teasing to add extra volume to your hair to create amazing styles straight from Youtube.


CERAMIC ROUND BRUSHThis brush gives users big curls, it is safer than curling iron since it does not apply heat.


DENMAN BRUSHThe most common and popular brush, this brush is actually more suited for short haired girls since it can straighten and provide a slight bend at the bottom.


WOODEN BRUSHESA favourite of many stylists, this brush offers tension and control. It has a stronger yet smoother grip than most brushes.


VENT BRUSHPerfect for those in a hurry, the heat from the blow dryer can pass right through the vent. However, it is awful in styling since if offers less control.


PADDLE BRUSHYet another popular design, the paddle brush is actually perfect for detangling hair, particularly thick hair. Also, great for blow-drying straight hair.


DETANGLING BRUSHSimilar to the paddle brush but with a round design, this brush is suited for detangling dry hair.


HEAT RESISTANCE COMB – Used to guide hair after passing through a flat iron.


TALL COMB – The fine teeth and pointed end allow for a more dramatic styling. Mostly used with styling agents such as wax and others.


WIDE TOOTH COMB Used to detangle hair in the shower. Can be used on all hair types but is a perfect match with curly hair.

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Caring for Your Hair and Beard – Like a Man

As saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, and a well-groomed man is a presentable man. Women are not the only ones who need to look presentable – men also need to take care of themselves. Grooming not only gives you a better chance of securing a partner, it also helps in a career.

In terms of grooming, men need to consider more than the hair on their head but their facial hair as well. Whether you keep your beard trimmed, shaved or styled is entirely up to you. Here are a few products you can use to groom both your hair and your beard


  1. Beard Balm – Gone are the days when beard should either be shaved clean or grown unkempt like a high-sea pirate. Beard balm does for your beard what styling wax does for hair. It’s main ingredient is beeswax and gives hold and a strong manly scent.


  1. Moustache WaxJust like the beard balm, the moustache wax styles and tidies the moustache. This product is, however, more suited for moustache wax’s longer yet thinner bunch, perfect for those who want to sport the classic, romantic European look. Great for hydrating and moisturising to shape and style your moustache.


  1. Shaving CreamFor those wants to restart their facial hair or simply prefer the clean cut. This often minty concoction provides smoothness and comfort that soap cannot provide.


  1. Shaving Wax – Now if you think waxing is reserved for appendages, armpits and the nether regions you better think again. Shaving wax offers a faster, more thorough yet slightly stingy approach to the clean cut look.




  1. Beard OilThis product helps to hydrate your facial hair and moisturise your skin to help promote healthy hair growth that is manageable and easy to style. It’s main ingredients often include jojoba, argan and almond oil.


  1. Texturizing Cream – As the name implies, it adds texture and more fullness to hair. The cream gives an illusion of thicker finish, perfect for swept back hairstyle.


  1. Pomade – Back in the day, pomade was a product used by our grandfathers. But as longer and slicked back hairstyles has become popular with today’s men, pomade has become popular once more. It doesn’t dry hard and more versatile than its counterparts.


  1. Styling Wax – Most popular styling product for men in the 21st century, especially for those who are not heavily into styling or have the time for it. Styling wax provides a really strong hold, it can either be matte or glossy depending on one’s preference.



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How to Maintain Your Hair Colour

As the saying goes, hair is every woman’s crowning glory. Every strand counts, as each contributes to it’s overall natural beauty. Colour often times play a vital role in that aesthetic. When light shines on hair, the colour takes the vibrancy to the next level.
Hair dye does not last forever, eventually your hair-colour will grow out and revert back. It is, however, no excuse to just let your bounce go uncared for. There are ways to prolong your hair-colour’s vibrancy while caring for your hair in its entirety. Here are a few tips to care for your hair’s color

1. Shampoo your hair less frequently
Shampoo contains chemicals that are harmful for the scalp. It can hinder hair growth and can make hair look dull. Frequent use of shampoo that is not designed for coloured hair can wear colour away and make hair look dry. Resist the urge to apply that scented concoction every time you step into the shower, three to four times a week is enough. Don’t forget to use hair colour friendly brands such as our Osmo Colour Save Shampoo. This shampoo moisturises and contains UV filters and Vitamin E to help prevent colour fading.

2. Use conditioner every time you shampoo
Speaking of shower, one cannot deny the benefits of using conditioner after using shampoo. It gives more shine and smoothness and protects hair from the sun. Just like when picking a shampoo, also choose conditioners that are hair colour friendly such as our Osmo Colour Save Conditioner for general colour fade prevention or Osmo Silverising Conditioner for bright vivid colours such as blonde or white tones.


women with coloured hair


3. Always dry your hair with clean towel
Never neglect drying hair after showering, especially if you are about to go to bed. Water can wash away your hair’s colour leaving you with a dull desaturated hair. Never neglect to dry your hair, and when you do, resort to more natural methods, which brings us to the next item.

4. Avoid applying heat to hair
Heat damages hair from strands to roots, it can also slowly chip away hair dye. Blow dryers, curling and straightening iron applies direct heat to heat which could cause damage overtime. When you do need to use heating tools ensure that you use a product to protect your hair such as our Osmo Straightening Fluid or Osmo Violet Protect and Tone Styler.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
What you do to your hair can only do so much if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Have a good diet, exercise and most importantly, rest! Lack of sleep can weaken the scalp which reduces its hold on hair, it also can cause hair to dry-up and lose that natural glossy touch. If your hair is unhealthy, dye won’t be able to help so be sure maintain the overall health of both you and your hair.

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What Hair Dye Does to Your Hair – The Science

Most of us have dyed our hair at one point or another. Some of us dye it so much we barely even remember what our original colour is! Much of the time we keep do it without thinking about the science, we just book a hair appointment and off we go.

Colouring hair is a great way to refresh your look, get a hotter look, cover greys or do something completely new. Here’s a little information about what dye actually does to your hair and how to keep your hair healthy afterwards.

Ammonia Goes Through the Hair Cuticles

This is no simple stain. The ammonia in hair dye elevates the pH of your hair and lifts the cuticle up to let the molecules of the dye in to set the colour permanently.

Now, you may be thinking but what ammonia-free hair dye? Well, these dyes use a substitute chemical, ethanolamine, which is milder but is far less effective at lightening hair. Meaning that whilst it may be gentler on cuticles you will end up dyeing your hair more frequently.

Peroxide Makes Hair a Canvas

Once the cuticle is broken your hair is ready to be stripped of it’s natural colour pigment using peroxide (commonly known as bleach). Bleaching oxidises the proteins of the hair to leave it colourless. This creates a canvas to prepare your hair for the colour of your choosing. However, this part of the process can really dry our your hair and make it straw-like in texture.

Colour is Added

Once the ammonia and peroxide have worked new colour molecules, monomers, penetrate into the hair shafts. When they are in the react to create larger molecules. Now these polymers are so large that simply washing your hair is not enough to initially lose them. Now, your hair is coloured!

Leaving Dye in for Longer Damages Your Hair More

While you are sitting in the salon chair waiting for your dye to work, your cuticles remain open. While the dye is still on your head the dye is penetrating those open cuticles and hair shafts. The longer the dye is in the more it weakens the hair until your rinse the dye out. However, this still damages the hair. Conditioning treatments that your use after rinsing are to close the cuticles up and lock in that new, delicious colour.

Fear of Hair Falling Out
Do not fear, over-dyeing will not make your hair fall out. However, a poor colour process can really dry out your hair and cause so much breakage that it appears you are losing hair. Thorough conditioning prior (in preparation of) to and after your colour session is essential in helping to avoid this. Ongoing care is also critical and will help you get the most bang for your buck. We have several products to help with this but our customer favourite is our Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask. A must-have for all colour junkies out there!
Our Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask is ON SALE for only 2 MORE DAYS. So get in quick!


We hope that this has been helpful info you. For more informative beauty blogs sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest in hair supplies, salon set ups and hairstyle inspo!


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